Our translation services in more detail

Translation is a complicated and complex process, in which many parameters should be taken into consideration. Each text or document to be translated consists a unique project, which requires the appropriate handling, specialized knowledge and experience in specific fields.

Furthermore, our translation process is supported by specialized software especially designed for managing of multilingual content and terminology that makes our agency able to deal promptly and accurately with large volumes of texts and documents. Our aim is always through proper and effective procedures, after completion of a project any customer’s expectation to be fully satisfied.

Our agency provides specialized translation services in the following areas:

Legal Translations

Lawsuits, writs, criminal records, notarial deeds, powers of attorney, contracts, private agreements, wills, certificates, company agreements, real estate contracts, court decisions, Articles of incorporation, employment contracts, tenancy agreements, administrative acts etc.

Financial Translations

Financial documents, statements, reports and audits, SWOT analysis, bank documents, accounting and taxation documentation, income tax returns, invoices, certificates of residency for Tax Treaty purposes, insurance policies, pension documentation etc.

Medical Translations

Diagnostic tests, medical examinations, medical certificates, medical opinions, medical histories, clinical studies, questionnaires, manuals, equipment, etc.

Technical Translations

We undertake translations in the field of construction, industry, product processing, energy, such as user manuals, technical studies, reports, offers, certificates of conformity, etc.

Website Translations

Translation of websites with accuracy and efficiency, as well as ability for localization, depending on the needs of every business. In this kind, translator must demonstrate skills and ability to properly adapt the website content, taking into account the relevant target market, as well as having a good understanding of cultural and regional differences. A professional translation of the website with texts that are accurately conveyed in the target language will successfully present products or services to potential clients anywhere on the globe.

Commercial & Marketing Translation

Advertising texts, business presentations, letters, printed materials and promotional brochures, advertising materials, campaigns, commercial correspondence, retail and e-commerce.

Travel & Tourism

Hotel equipment, tourist guides, guest accommodation and catering, travel brochures, promotional materials, travel & destinations literature, etc.

Official translations for individuals

Our translation office provides simple and official translations of documents that are accepted by all public and private institutions in Greece and abroad, such as:


  • Certificates
  • University degrees
  • transcripts of records
  • Attestations
  • Utility bills
  • Solemn declarations
  • Professional licenses
  • Criminal records
  • Civil status certificates and extracts
  • Diplomas
  • Certificates of good standing
  • Income tax returns