Translation costs

How is the cost of translation calculated?

The cost depends on the type of translation requested. Below are some factors that determine the final cost.

  • Document size (small or large)
  • Language pair (common: English, or rare: Korean)
  • File format (Simple: Word, or complex: .idml, .json, html, etc.)
  • Delivery time (immediate or normal delivery time)
  • Content (specialized or general)
  • Image quality (good or bad scan)
  • Handwritten or typed
  • Design tasks such as complex graphics (if required or not)


Because of the above mentioned, prices vary and it is difficult the cost to be determined without seeing your documents. If you are unable to visit the office, we recommend to send your documents via e-mail to or use the contact form and request an exact price for particular documents or texts. However, here are a few general pricing rules that you should consider when sending your documents to get a quote:


  • Charges for translation from/to rare languages are more expensive than those for more common languages (e.g. English)
  • The larger the volume to translate, the cheaper the rates.
  • Clean file formats such as Word, clean PDFs are preferred and have an impact on the pricing.
  • Highly technical or specialized contents are usually charged more than general text
  • Translation of documents of 1 to 2-3 pages is usually charged per document.
  • Translation of documents from more than 5 pages is usually charged per word or as a package.
  • A minimum charge applies for very short texts or documents.
  • In some specific cases the certification of translation may be charged additionally
  • Courier service is charged extra and according to the applicable price list of the shipping company.

Services for Businesses

  • Company’s Documentation
  • Articles of Association
  • Financial Statements
  • Tax Statements
  • Agreements
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Contracts
  • Website Texts

Services for Individuals

  • Certificates, Attestations
  • Birth, Marriage, Death Records
  • University Degrees, Transcripts of records
  • Education Documents
  • Utility Bills, Tax Documents
  • Notary Deeds
  • Court Decisions, Lawsuits
  • Medical Examinations, Medical Opinions

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