About us

About us!

The translation agency TRANSLATIO LINGUAE was established in 2011 with the purpose to provide clients with reliable professional translations. Having spent several years in the field of professional translation we are able to undertake not only any simple translation, but also large complex translation projects, which require specialized knowledge from professional translators, as well as translation project management skills.

Contrary to popular belief, that translation is something simple and easy, and can be done by anyone who knows a foreign language, it is a complex process, which requires much more than knowledge of the language. Translators in general play an important role for businesses. They help in accurate transmission of information from one language to another in different countries around the world.

The fast growth of the translation industry has established a new set of skills for translators operating within a framework of higher translation volumes with faster delivery times, stricter localization requirements and international production teams.

All translators who work for our agency hold academic degrees in translation, have professional experience, as well as language proficiency at native-speaker level.

Also, the office is equipped with contemporary software, specially designed for multilingual content management and terminology management, so that we are able to manage large amounts of data with speed and accuracy.

Our main goal is, with a personalized and human-centered approach through correct and efficient procedures, after the completion of a project to completely satisfy the expectations of customers.