Study abroad

Many students choose to study abroad in order to obtain a degree or they wish to continue their education after obtaining a degree in Greece.

There are programs covering a wide range of disciplines and sciences.

The eligibility criteria vary according to the country, field of study, degree program and academic institution.

Therefore, searching for a student program in another country is a personal matter that takes time and requires proper information.

We provide our clients with competent information and support in preparation of student’s application as well as the gathering of all necessary documents for admission to any study program abroad.

In the last four years we have undertaken and completed successfully the preparation of documentation for admission of students at universities in countries such as UK, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Germany, Denmark, USA, Italy, Netherlands, Romania, Sweden, Czech Republic, Serbia, Scotland, Slovakia.

Finally, our agency collaborates with relevant agencies, educational representatives abroad or directly with universities in order to provide reliable information on each country.