Translation is a complicated and complex process, especially in regard to specialized translation. Specialized translation refers to every translation that has to do with a specific area of knowledge, for example, Economics or Law. This translation for specific purpose has to do with specific terminology that a translator must know in order to translate a text. For each project, every translator we have possesses the necessary skills and qualification and all translators translate into their mother tongue.
TRANSLATIO LINGUAE offers a wide range of specialized translations to the highest quality standards at competitive prices in various areas such as:

Legal translations

Contracts, Articles of Association, Leases, Power of Attorney, Testaments, Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights, Civil Law, Corporate Law, End User License Agreements, General Legislation, EU Legislation, Real Estate Law, Warranties etc.

Finance/Economic translation

Accounting, Banking, Business Administration, Marketing and Public Relations, Corporate governance, Public administration, Securities, Insurance, Financial statements, Economic Analysis, SWOT Analysis, Audit, Taxation / Customs, Balance sheets, Income Tax Returns, Invoices, Pension documentation, Commercial etc.

Technical translation

Commercial/Professional Equipment, Home appliances, User Manuals, Industrial Equipment, Production processes, Constructions, Architecture, Energy, Environment , Transportation , EC Declaration of Conformity etc.

Medical translation

Medical examinations, Medical Reports, Medical expertise, Medicine/Health Sciences, Medical Equipments, Nursing, Public Health, Hygiene and Safety, Social Psychology.

Travel & Hospitality

Hotels & Restaurants, Tourism, Sightseeing and Attractions

Subtitling films

Translation of audiovisual speech and subtitle synchronization.